Let's face it, most of us do something to earn money and spend it the way we want.

Why not also learn to save money and save the planet at the same time?

Habitat for Health operates a GAIA First© Economics system of credits and exchange.

GAIA benefits first from:
  1. As member projects increase, demand for resource extraction and waste storage is reduced.
  2. A percentage of subscription revenue is paid forward to fund projects that GAIA benefits from 1st.
  3. The increase in stewardship arising from projects improves resource renewal and waste recycling.
  4. Endurance of GFC projects steps-up potential to recover or reuse resources at rates greater than human demand.

Members earn credits by volunteering for on the job training (OJT) at Habitat for Health. Credits are earned by volunteering to work on Member projects. Members accumulate credits that may be redeemed in many ways using GAIA First Pay It Forward Methods. Credit exchange rates are based on H4H assessment of most modern capital types.

The above pay it forward cycle to GAIA forms the basic operation of Habitat for Health GAIA First© Economics.

Content, context and relevant opportunities.

GAIA Fan Club Ezine

Great Ideas from people just like you who love to take action, volunteer to earn money, devise and deliver community improvements or disaster recovery.

The GAIA Fan Club (GFC) is a subscription based membership organization. The GFC Ezine reports on news, activities and projects of interest at Habitat for Health.

Habitat for Health (H4H) is a Web based research, publishing and consulting company.

  • The H4H Home branch manages the organization.
  • The H4H Blog manages research and publishing.
  • The H4H.biz site manages the re:Search Project.

If you take a few minutes to find out what the GAIA Fan Club does and why, we'll be able to show you in more detail what to learn, when to act, and where to earn from creative green solutions that can improve many qualities of personal and planet life.

GAIA Fan Club Ezine

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  4. Become a Member to learn, earn and make opportunity work for you.

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