The Long Beach Time Exchange | Dec 1, 2013.

The GFC differs from Long Beach Time Exchange in ways like:
  • GFC includes rental, lease and investment options using GFC TimeBank credits,
  • GFC Members can volunteer to learn, teach, or both to earn credits,
  • Work in your spare time and pay credits forward to GFC TimeBank,
  • Time worked or surplus products can be gifted or donated to H4H,
  • Time credits can be exchanged for shares, products & services,
  • TimeBank credits donated to H4H can be used to top up allowed tax deduction,
  • All or some dues paid for membership can also be used for allowed tax deduction.
Use your GFC Credits to:
  • Rent, lease or build a home;
  • Grow heritage crops for food or seed banks;
  • Build apiaries for honey and colony revival;
  • Start your own ecological GFC projects etc.
  • design new or improved technology H4H can sell in the network.

The GFC values time more than money. If money is taxable and time isn't, here's how you pay less tax via GFC.

  1. GFC Members volunteer skilled or unskilled time, to work on H4H projects, to earn time credits for deposit (pay-it-forward), into the H4H TimeBank where Members donation of time is stored as tax free credits;
  2. Members can barter, buy or sell credits with other Members tax free;
  3. GFC Members can also invest tax free credits in H4H housing, agriculture and transportation projects;
  4. Members can also redeem credits for cash with appropriate deductions where applicable.

Need a place to call home? If you're looking for a place to rent, lease and or own, Habitat for Health offers Canadians opportunities to live and work in a constituency of their choice.

Eco-eco benefits include land where suburban areas end and rural lands begin. Sub-rural locations offers opportunity to abate encroachment, learn, and practice Permaculture to open new food supply chains, emergency shelters, vacation rentals, and where visitors can pursue their interests, like traveling, writing, research, volunteering or other relevant activities.

Members can pitch their Eco-Eco projects to Habitat for Health for assistance.

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