What's your question about?

How did you find out about Habitat for Health?

● Pay your dues, learn, volunteer to do tasks, and get cool stuff in return.

● The purpose is to have fun doing things that benefits GAIA First and Fans second.

● GAIA has many special needs and doesn't buy or sell her natural resources.

● Habitat for Health acts to fund and work toward sustainable development.

● Members volunteer to save money, save the planet while improving their lifestyle.

Learn more and become part of the solution.

● Work from home, remotely, part-time, or full time

● Learn how to work towards sustainable development

● Earn to supplement or replace income

● Enjoy improving lifestyle without stress

● Feel real good about being a steward and GAIA fan

● Free Blog idea generator

● Fundraising campaign resources

● Project directory

● Volunteer training opportunities

● Classified ads

● WP site dev assistance

● Creative dev assistance

● Advertise your skills and/or projects.

Home Office

Habitat for Health c/o
3969 Shelbourne St.
Victoria BC V8N 6J5



Call or email to appoint a time to meet online or at Tim Hortons!