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Personal Reuse
Without the existence of complex ecosystems, organic life, you included, would not be here now to read about it. Today
There are many protein sources available that will give you the same nutrition as beef but without the harmful environmental
Issues with forecasting for insurance claims may not take into account unexpected costs of cleaning up after a natural disaster.
Ensuring people have clean drinking water is often more challenging than one would expect. With climate change and environmental impact
Indoor Air Quality
The air most of us breathe carries industrial pollution. Particles and gases from human settlement include automotive exhaust, agricultural chemicals,
Creation of most things, including a business, involves a process of thought, word and deed. Generally, things can be organic
Bathroom and laundry rooms, no matter how big or small, always seem to lack sufficient storage space. Optimizing this space
The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity for people to focus more on sustainable living, and one practice that has

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Climate Event Reports

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - January 2021: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Geological Event Reports

2/18/2021 -- Multiple M6.0+ earthquakes cluster in Pacific -- USA plate unrest OVERDUE - Be Prepared

Solar Storm Forecasts

A Filament Slingshots Towards Earth | Solar Storm Forecast 02.22.2021