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Establishing Developmental and Property Trusts

Urban Rooftop Community Garden What better time is there to restore, convert, and develop rooftop, agrihood, eroded and misused lands ...
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Adapting to Climate Change

Climate Change News | MSNBC - 2021. "Climatic changes are caused by variations in the effect of solar heating, the ...
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Lake Mead Water Loss

Home Water Treatment for Drinking and Cooking

Expert sounds off on potential drop in Lake Mead water level | Feb 3, 2021 A case for home water ...
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Speed Up Preparation for Disaster and Recovery

Agrihood Example in Austin Texas | Overview 2:04 The GAIA Fan Club vision is to speed up preparation for disaster ...
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Container Houses

Add Multi-Purpose Functions to Tiny Homes With a Shipping Container

Multi-Purpose Function Shipping Container | Overview 1:26 Once you have title to a property it's time to add multi-purpose functions ...
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Building Habitats for Health With Geodesic Domes

Pacific Domes | Overview 5:22 Technology of building habitats for health with geodesic domes is evolving faster than people and ...
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A Comparison of Tesla and Enphase Batteries For Home Energy Backup

Tesla Powerwall Vs Enphase Battery: Feb 3, 2021 | Solar Surge 1:49 Featured this week is a comparison of Tesla ...
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Cheap and Simple Electric Energy for Backup Power

All In With Chris Hayes: 2/17/21 | MSNBC | 6:27 Login to watch "Cheap and Simple Electric Energy for Backup ...
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