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In the 20th century, interest in effects of space weather on human activity grew out of the space program. Military
Due to an increase of pollution entering wastewater, storm water, and public water management in uncertain environments is itself becoming
Iowa Farm
Let's face it, as new energy supply gets personal, combustion technology costs increase. Hidden in plain sight is the fact
Smart Controls
After slashing your energy bills, the next step is to enable smart control of energy saving home improvements. Smart control
Home Energy Trends
Here are suggestions how to save money and save the planet. Let's start by following home energy trends published by
GAIA-Fan Club
Climate change impacts have massive implications on human economical and natural ecological life systems. The four classical elements typically refer
Solid State Wind Power
Wind power, solar energy and hydropower are 3 of the best known sources of energy. Solar power is the most
Electrical Recycling
Recycling consumer electronics also known as E-waste or electronic waste, is something that owners have some control of when those

Video News

Climate Event Reports

Monthly video reports on climate related events that make the news from around the world. Climate events show a variety of storm damage to get ideas on how to prepare or plan to repair different types of loss where you live.

Geological Event Reports

A source of investigative reporting on diverse seismic events such as volcanic, tectonic, glacial, fluvial, and ocean events. Get ideas how to prepare for earthquakes, landslides, sink holes and floods.

H4H Project Reports

Habitat for Health will be publishing information this year to explain what we do and inspire readers to get involved. Our Apiary Project is designed to develop ecological and economical recovery opportunities. Watch this space.