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Will Agrivoltaics Be a Small Step for Humans and Giant Leap for GAIA?

Agrivoltaics. An economic lifeline for American farmers? May 16, 2021 | 14:28 In our existential quests to survive, will agrivoltaics ...
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How Much Arable Land is Needed to Sustain Just 1 Human Being?

How Many People Can Earth Support? | Thoughty2 - Jul 16, 2015 | 01:54 The H4H method begins with questions ...
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Habitat for Health Start From Scratch Side Hustle

Climate Change News | MSNBC Aired - 28 Jan. 2021 02:38 The Habitat for Health start from scratch side hustle ...
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Bridging the Gap Between Electrolytic Capacitors and Rechargeable Batteries

Supercapacitors explained - the future of energy storage? | 10:56 A supercapacitor (SC), also called an ultracapacitor, is a high-capacity ...
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BIOROCK’s Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plants

BIOROCK® | MONOBLOCK - a new generation of Non-Electric Compact Sewage Treatment Plants | 4:11 MONOBLOCK, a new generation of ...
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Vertical Garden

Turning Small Spaces Into Evergreen Harvests

Organic Container Gardening | The Garden Tower 2 For people who like to eat fresh vegetables all year long, consider ...
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Purpose Built Floating Shipping Container Housing

Urban Rigger | Floating Shipping Container Housing for Students | Apr 18, 2021 The Urban Rigger has completely transformed the ...
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The Importance of VAWTs to the Future of Energy Distribution

A vertical axis wind turbine that doesn't need the prevailing wind | Just Have a Think | Apr 18, 2021 ...
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