Habitat for Health supports and promotes Ecological and Economical (Eco-Eco) relations.

Ecologic relations between consumers, producers and their environments include cradle to grave views. Human economic relations between customer, seller and manufacturer in business do not. Instead, economic costs of extraction and disposal get bundled in the price.

Human Economic objectives differ in many ways from Nature's Ecological objectives. Still, together they have many benefits that support each others' reasons to be.

The costs of non-renewable or slow to replace natural resources is clear. So too is the increase in time to recycle durable kinds of waste.

H4H recognizes many kinds of Eco-Eco independence and interdependence. The Blueprints we publish help bridge identified gaps between competing parties.

By communicating environmental, consumer, and business positions, participants get a voice for change.

HabitatforHealth.com is a method for sustainable change in the use and care of Gaia's resources.

H4H.biz is the Habitat for Health directory of goods and services and method for sustainable change found in human economic relations.

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Brian Hack Founder

Hi, I'm Brian Hack, founder of Habitat for Health.

My story is about unusual experiences, strength and perseverance I never knew I had. It began in the prime of my life when I had to adapt to a disabling workplace injury.

While recovering, I attended the University of Waterloo via distance education. During that time I developed the concept of Habitat for Health.

The top challenges I continue to overcome all relate to setting boundaries. I lost everything, health, job, future, and fortune.

I had to recycle what skills I could still use and learn new ones to accommodate my special needs. New boundaries that my family, friends, and colleagues could understand were awkward.

To this day the most difficult boundary for me is to avoid exposure to chemicals.

Since I can't undo the damage done to me, I spend what time I can to prevent chemical injury. So, I designed Habitat for Health as a gateway to share information I've found so far. It's my way to help people make healthier choices.

If you find something helpful on our site please...

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Price for Sustainablility

How much is sustainable development worth today?

Here it starts at $9.99/mo. to help our partner in life Gaia.

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