Help Us Build Habitats for Health

Opportunities to research, write, publish, fundraise and build healthier homes.


Habitat for Health Prelaunch

Our first goal is to discover how many people are available to help out in launching a GoFundMe campaign. After that we'll be reaching out to persons who want to get involved as the project begins to unfold. If you're the wait and see type sign up for H4H News and apply when you want to start.

Initial Funding Goal

  • fund a pilot project
  • build a healthy home
  • document as much as possible
  • vlog progress for feature videos
  • publish a directory of suppliers
  • offer sponsors ad space
  • bundle blueprints for sale
  • offer awesome funder perks


Prelaunch Opportunities

Volunteers are compensated with credits or coupons that can be used to get perks available in the funding campaigns. Compensation is also available through our Affiliates program. You can do both. If you just want to volunteer we can negotiate credits based on your specialized skills.

Here's your chance!

We're looking for team players who can work remotely and/or locally

  • web and urban designers to enable interfaces of Technology and Permaculture
  • writers to source, report and review adaptable products and services
  • odd jobs to work on affordable and sustainable development interfaces
  • social media ambassadors


Apply Here

Introduce yourself and what you would like to do.


Most startups need help to cover unforeseen costs. If you have some money to pay forward into the Habitat for Health project we pledge to pay it forward into a charity of your choice budgeted from net income.

Prelaunch Beta Closing