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H4H Blueprints are info resources designed to guide readers toward sustainable lifestyle choices. Here "sustainable" means what's good for you must also be good for Gaia. Blueprints help users understand more about eco-eco relations.

Member projects are specific to their own local community. The H4H vision is to connect members with people who want to help each other out. As Habitat for Health achieves its goals, resources for member projects become available. Our pledge is to help members get their projects done.
All materials, organic and inorganic have a life cycle. The challenge is how to reconcile over, or under, management of resources. Buildings age, population grows, and technology changes faster than we can adapt. Imagine what we can do working together.
Projects based on organics include plants we grow to eat, decorate, wear, and filter indoor air. The blog includes curating, quoting, guest writers and staff editors. Blueprint topics in the organic category explain eco-eco relations with step-by-step instructions to act in sustainable ways.

The re:Search Directory project is a custom search service available until it opens to the public. Some startups rely on volunteers to work for free until funding can support jobs. The H4H startup offers commissions to all volunteers as well as creating work they want to do.

Stack, rack and pack tech because tomorrow you may have to move. Technology scaled for a tiny home also works in larger spaces. Discover benefits of convenience, efficiency, smaller footprint and similar functions.

Imagine what we all could do together if we wanted to.

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